(NEW) 5th Grade Curriculum Map

"Updated Version" (9-25-17) Created with the Curriculum Map Committee for 2015-16
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(ORIGINAL) 5th Grade Curriculum Map

"Original Version", Created for 2014-15
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Last Updated December 19, 2014

Curriculum Map Teaching Resources

SCUSD Curriculum Map Units

aligned to enVision MATH topics

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Teaching Student-Centered
Grades 3-5
Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics Grades 3-5.PNG

Mathematics International
Grade 5
Mathematics International Grade 5.PNG

Georgia Frameworks
Grade 5
(for SCUSD CM's Unit 3 & 4)
CCGPS Frameworks 5th Unit 4.png

Grade 5 Resources

CA Framework

Kansas Flip Book

North Carolina Unpacking Document

Georgia (CCGPS) Overview

Grade 5 Math Framework.PNG

Grade 5 Kansas Flip Book.png

Grade 5 NC Unpacking Document.png

Georgia Framework, Grade 5.png

Math Common Core Professional Learning Sessions 2014 - 2015

Session 1

October 15, 2014

Session 2

January 28, 2015

Session 3

February 12, 2015

Session 4

May 29, 2015

Deconstructed Standards Web
Deconstructed Content Web 5.NBT.5-7.png
Deconstructed Standards Web
Deconstructed Standards Web 5.NF.1-2.png
Backwards Design Process:

Instructional Strategy:
Using Partial Quotients to Divide with
Place Value Understanding:
Partial Quotients.png
Instruction Strategy:
Using the Identity Property of
Multiplication to Produce
Equivalent Fractions
Identity Property of Multiplication for Fraction Equivalence.PNG

Benchmark Fractions
Benchmark Fractions.PNG
Formative Assessment Process:

Assessment Question (5.NBT.5)
Please administer this assessment task
before Session 2, and bring back student
work from 4 focal students (see attachment).
Assessment Question (5.NF.1-2)
Please administer this assessment
task before Session 2, and bring back
student work from 4 focal students
(see attachment).

Additional Revised Assessment Items
Assessment Question (5.MD.3-5)
These tasks were introduced to teachers
to "try on the work," and to determine
whether they were acceptable tasks based
on the expectations of 5.MD.3-5 standards.

Student Work Samples for "Elmer's
Multiplication Error" Assessment
Student Work Samples for 5.NF.1-2
Work in Progress.jpeg
Student Work Samples for 5.MD.3-5
Work in Progress.jpeg

Curriculum Map - Unit Assessments

Unit #1: Place Value in Base Ten - Whole Numbers and Decimal Fractions

Unit #2: Multi-digit Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimal Fractions

Unit #3: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Unit #4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Unit #5: Geometric Measures of Volume

Unit #6: Numerical Expressions, patterns, and Relationships

Unit #7: Two-dimensional Figures

Instructional Strategies

Open-Ended Warm-Up Questions

(Teacher created, Dec. 2013)

Number Line Tasks

(Teacher created, March 2014)

Fifth Grade Teacher-Created Sample Lessons (by domain)

Operations and Algebraic Thinking (5.OA)

Number and Operations in Base Ten (5.NBT)

Number and Operations - Fractions (5.NF)

Measurement and Data (5.MD)

The following lessons are original teacher work from Summer Institute 2013 for the 5th Grade Unit of Study on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Unit of Study Cover Sheet and Lesson Sequence, 5.NF.3-7

Individual Lessons

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