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Updated September 2017

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(ORIGINAL) Math 1 Curriculum Map

"Original Format", Created for 2014-15
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HS Integrated Pathways: SCUSD Course Progression document (PDF)

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Math 1 EOC Exam Information

The Math 1 End-Of-Course Exam is a summative assessment containing a variety of item types (e.g. multiple choice and free response) that assess standards from Math 1. All Math 1 teachers (middle school and high school) are expected to administer this exam to their students at the end of the school year. The exam is not a high school graduation requirement.
Below you will find more information, important dates, and FAQs regarding the Math 1 End-of-Course Exam.
Information Sheet & FAQs:

See which Math 1 standards will be assessed on the Math 1 EOC Exam:

Professional Learning Sessions 2014 - 2015

Session 1October 13, 2014
Session 2December 9, 2014

Session 3

February 5, 2015

Session 4June 1, 2015
1. "Deconstructing" the standards A.REI.5&6 (web)
Math 1 Web - A.REI.5&6.JPG
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Decontruction Content Web (3) A.REI.5-6.png

2) Warm-Up Questions

3) Demo Lesson Materials
Standards Webs and Assessments (Word Doc):
1) Suzie's group, Walch Unit 6 Assessment:
Connecting Algebra and Geometry

2) Rich's group, Walch Unit 2 Assessment:
Functions (Part 1)

3) Nick's group, Walch Unit 2 Assessment:
Functions (Part 2)

Creating a Balanced Assessment documents:
1) Reference Sheet

2) Blank Chart for "Analyzing/Creating a Balanced Assessment"

3) Rubric for Quality Assessment

PowerPoint Presentation Slides:

Afternoon Break-Out Session Documents:
Moving Beyond "Check for Understanding" in the Formative Assessment Cycle (with Suzie)

Supporting All Students (UDL Documents)

Math 1 Curriculum Map Resources

"Unit 0" Resources: Focus on the Standards of Mathematical Practice.
(This unit was created by teachers at Burbank HS, and is not reflected in the Math 1 Curriculum Map. It is intended to be taught before Unit 1, and it contains lessons in which students will practice and use the 8 Math Practices.)

Unit #1 Relationships Between Quantities:


Unit #2 Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Unit #3 Connecting Algebra and Geometry Through Coordinates

Unit #4 Understanding and Analyzing Functions

Unit #5 Building Functions

Unit #6 Descriptive Statistics

Unit #7 Congruence and Constructions

Instructional Strategies

Open-Ended Warm-Up Questions for Algebra 1

(Teacher created, Dec. 2013)

Open-Ended Questions

(all High School subjects),
(Teacher created, Mar. 2014)

Lesson Plan Template for Math Common Core

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